In addition to Yoga, Massages, Wellness Retreats  and Horse Riding, available just next to our hotel, there are a variaty of must-see attractions in the surrounding area. As a guest of the resort you can get all the information you need at our reception, to organize your own activity. If you prefer a tour with an experienced guide, that can also be arranged.

Gulf of Chiriquí Islands

There are a number of breathtaking islands visible from the resort. White sand beaches, black rocks, crystal clear waters and tropical fish make the Gulf of Chiriquí an ideal destination for lovers of snorkeling, fishing and sunbathing. We can organize daily tours to the nearby islands or those off the coast of Boca Chica to the west.


Whale Watching

Due to its warm waters and the natural protection of the inlet itself, the Gulf of Chiriquí is a favorite birthing area for the Humpback Whale. A wonderful opportunity to view one of the world's most fascinating creatures. Best season for whale watching is July through September.

El Nancito

A half hour drive from the resort is the tiny village of El Nancito with its Museum of Petroglyphs and a spectacular panoramic lookout. In addition, there's a wonderful hidden waterfall.


Sea Turtles

Various species of sea turtles use the beaches of Las Lajas to lay their eggs. The volunteer organization Amigos de las Tortugas has worked to protect the nests. When the babies are released, it's an unforgettable sight. The Pacific Ridley Sea Turtle and the Green Sea Turtle are among the most common species.

Guaymi Tour

A private and cultural encounter, this can only be done with a guide. In a very natural and unstaged way, you will be given an opportunity to visit with the families of this indigenous tribe. Our guide has known the family for many years, knows their culture and can help you understand the lives of these very special people.


Las Palmas waterfall

Entering the province of Veraguas, on the way to Panama City, you will find one of the most accessible and magnificent waterfalls in the country. The Las Palmas Waterfall is easily reached by car. In fact, you can park directly in front of it. During the green season it is a powerful rush of water and during the dry season it throttles back to offer a wonderful swimming pond at the bottom.

Surfing & bodyboarding

The beach at Las Lajas is a wonderful place to surf during the rainy season, especially in the morning. In the dry season, it's perfect for beginners. The resort offers both surf boards and bodyboards.


Beautiful birds and other wildlife are abundant along the beach and in the nearby fresh water lagoons, all within walking distance of the resort. But there are other spots as well such as Cerro Colorado in the nearby Ngobe-Bugle region. It is the only accessible area in Panama where you can observe the Yellow-green Finch and the Glow-throated Hummingbird.

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