Pasa días disponibles al Las Lajas Beach Resort

In order to ensure that we are able to offer all of our guests the little piece of paradise that Las Lajas Beach Resort is proud to provide, we have instituted a few simple Terms & Conditions: 

  • Please note we do not allow pets and this is a no smoking resort.
  • Check-in our property is from 12:00 pm noon, the room will be ready the latest at 2pm.
  • Check-out the room at 11:00 am and you can stay in our property the rest of the day.
  • Please scroll down further for a full list of our terms & conditions.


Smoking and all tobacco products are allowed ONLY in the parking 
lot.  Please use the provided containers to throw away tobacco products and do not throw them to the ground.

Use of all tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars or devices such 
as vapors is strictly forbidden in the rooms, grounds, and on the beach.  

Doing so will cause you and your party to lose the right to continue 
your stay.  No refunds will be issued for your loss of stay.  

A $100 room charge will be added to your bill if you have used tobacco 
products or burned incense or similar items in your room.


Pets of any size or any kind are not allowed in the resort. No exceptions!


Coolers are NOT allowed on the grounds or on the beach.  If you bring a cooler it must remain in your room at all times and all beverages or food must be consumed in your room.

Cleaning services.

Please use the green door hanger if you desire house cleaning services.

Jubilado discounts

Jubilados and Pensionados of Panama: Jubilado discounts are not applicable the promotional rates listed in our website or internet special rates on Expedia or Booking.com Please contact us for more information on Jubilado Discounts.


If you have children under the age of 18 you are responsible for them as well as yourself to at all times to obey the posted safety rules, as well as to their supervision.


The pool is open after the cleaning crew gets it cleaned in the morning until 9PM in the evening.  Please use only the steps or ladder to enter or exit the pool. 

DO NOT enter or exit the pool from the restaurant/bar.

Toilet paper

Please do not flush down toilet paper or anything else in the toilet.  Use the waste basket to dispose of these items.


Broken or lost items will be charged for at the time of your check out.


Please do not park behind someone you do not know in the parking lot.


Do not bring boom boxes or other musical devices on to the grounds or beach.

Quiet time

Quiet time is from 11PM to 7AM If you are up early please only talk 
in the bar or out on the beach.  If you stay up late please move out to 
the beach front ´palapas´ or the beach itself.  You are responsible for 
keeping your children quiet during these times.